Safety & Security

Safety & Security – a safe and secure environment is a comfortable and productive environment. Minimizing disruption and focusing on a safe, secure environment with maximum efficiency and uptime is a core responsibility for building owners and facility managers. The digitalization of buildings is impacting all safety and security related building systems, whether these are integrated or closed-loop control systems.

Our geospatial and award-winning reality capture solutions, and the globally established ecosystem with integration into leading building systems, provide customers the operational flexibility to put proper safety and security measures in place while gaining efficiency, long-term sustainability, and allow them to follow the EHS guidelines. We help in providing situational awareness information, monitoring stability from the outside, geo-tagging valuable assets, or providing other location-based information for buildings.

Our experts support you with digital solutions in your safety, security and stability considerations.

Reality Capture For Reconstruction Of Damaged Buildings

Reconstruction means rebuilding a damaged building to a known earlier state by the introduction of new materials. Having 3D reality capture models available supports the process of restoring damaged areas of buildings to the desired original design.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness means extracting information from the environment and integrating this information with relevant knowledge to understand the current situation and anticipating future events. That’s exactly what the Leica BLK247 has been developed for.

The Leica BLK247 is a real-time reality capture device that uses sensor fusion technology—a combination of edge computing, imagery, and LiDAR—to detect and report physical changes within a space. Powered by Ethernet, the BLK247 is always-on and continuously scans the environment around it, 24/7, with no interruptions.

Pre-Incident Plans / 3D Models – Accurate And Accessible

Creating a pre-incident plan for a variety of potential emergencies, such as fire or other damages, builds the base for effectively manage emergencies. Pre-incident planning is time-consuming, mostly inefficient, and inherently complex due to the lack of proper floorplans or indoor maps and the difficulty of identifying changes during successive pre-incident planning surveys. Automated or semi-automated development of 3D models and corresponding indoor maps can improve the pre-incident planning for first responders. Our reality capture sensor and software solutions support the semi-automated process of generating current pre-incident plans.

Building Monitoring Real Time Displacement And Deformation Analysis

Buildings that are subject to vibration, ground movement, extreme weather conditions, and construction activities need to be monitored to ensure they continue to have structural health and viability. With highly innovative radar sensor and software technology real-time building displacement and deformation analysis can be performed without interrupting construction activities.

Building monitoring with our technology provides the information required to support a safe living and working environment.

Building Surveying To Evaluate Property Conditions

Building Survey provides independent oversight of buildings throughout the construction process and during the life cycle to ensure that buildings are safe to use, accessible and resource-efficient. Capturing existing field conditions is often a cumbersome, manual, analog, and inaccurate process that can often lead to costly rework and safety issues. Undertaking inspections of buildings can be done much more efficiently by using our geospatial and reality capture sensor and software solutions. Cloud-based visualization and collaboration – with ever-tighter schedules – improve safety before work begins on site.