Operations & Maintenance

Increase building performance implies to us the use of technology-enabled digital solutions, which facilitate the operations of properties, whether you own, manage, or occupy them. Whether you work in the field, in the office, or manage properties, our sensing and software solutions solve your daily challenges.

We help you to prolong the life of your mission-critical assets, access your maintenance remotely, provide management cockpits with accurate and reliable information, and create digital twins of your building portfolio for indoor navigation or location-based services.

Using our geospatial and award-winning reality capture solutions, and the globally established ecosystem with seamless integration into leading CAFM/IWMS, our building management solutions provide customers the operational flexibility to gain efficiency and long-term sustainability without compromising safety.

Our experts support you on your digitalization journey. We understand the benefits of PropTech for your business.

Indoor & Outdoor Navigation

Regardless of whether it is an office building, as the one captured in the video in San Francisco, USA, an airport, a resort, a museum, fun park or any other large building, digital representations of the physical world in the digital world provide significant benefits for customers around the world. The digital world needs to be accurate and immersive visualized; it needs to be a “digital reality”. We are providing all needed sensor and software solutions to keep digital realities alive. Whether it is data capture from the air, from the street, above or underground, and from the inside, our experts are ensuring that customers don’t need to worry about the technology, they will get the required deliverable in their software environment.

Virtual / Remote Asset Tagging & Management

Whether it is a shopping mall, as presented in the video in Lima, Peru, a data center, a hospital, or any other high-tech building, virtual 3D asset management and tagging are providing significant benefits for customers around the world. Capture buildings with our reality capture solutions, geotag the assets, and visualize them accurately in 3D. We are providing all required sensor and software solutions to manage your mission-critical assets. Whether it is critical internal spaces, selected floors, or entire buildings, our experts ensure that customers don’t have to worry about technology, they can access all relevant asset information remotely.

Location Based Asset Tracking

Whether tracking assets for fire protection, energy equipment, HVAC, or any other building installation, as presented in the video in Zurich, Switzerland, location-based asset tracking provides significant benefits for customers worldwide. Asset tracking based on 2D floorplans is becoming the primary standard in the industry. With our reality capture solutions, we take it a step further and provide accurate 3D location-based information in your daily software environment. Our experts ensure that there is no technological barrier for precise location-based asset tracking.

Digitizing Buildings – Scan to CAFM & IWMS

Whether it is a plant room in a complex shopping mall, as presented in the video in Lima, Peru, an airport, a convention center, a financial institution or any other complex building, digitizing your buildings and managing your building portfolio digitally in your CAFM/IWMS software has a significant leverage on space optimization and cost savings. Creating digital twins requires reality capture solutions, which generate not only static models or simple visualizations but “digital realities”. With our solutions, you can capture the reality based on your current and future requirements, as digitalization has a tremendous effect on your business. Our experts understand your needs and provide the necessary services allowing you to work with your own digital reality.

Digital Templating – Reality Capture to CNC integration

Whether you are templating countertops, wood, glass, or steel, you don’t need traditional templates anymore. You can capture the relevant dimensions accurately and have the digital templates programming your CNC machinery, as presented in the video in Istanbul, Turkey. Using our digital templating solutions, you reduce the manual efforts in the field, have accurate drawings to send to customers for sign-offs, and with the increased accuracy, you reduce the waste or rework of expensive material. All you need is our digital templating solution consisting of an accurate 3D measuring device and software that speaks your language.

Digital Floorplans – 2D Drawings to CAFM & IWMS

Whether you need to start from scratch or outdated existing drawings, digitizing floorplans, and integrating them into your CAFM/IWMS software enhanced with space-specific information is a priority. Our sensing and software solutions make it easy to create up-to-date floorplans in 2D optimized for the use in your software. Don’t rely on inaccurate data; use actionable dimensional information. Our experts can either provide the right solution for your requirements or connect you with local service providers. Our ecosystem will do the work for you.

Reality Capture – Scan to BIM

Whether you don’t have a BIM model of an existing building or can’t rely on your CAD model, creating accurate models of existing buildings does not require a large investment. As presented in the video creating point clouds and immersive imaging information can be done easily using our innovative sensing and software solutions. Whatever leading BIM software you are using, our workflows are integrated. Our experts guide you to select the right solution for your needs or connect you with our local service providers to complete the job for you.

Digital Reality – Visualization & Collaboration

HxDR is a cloud-based visualization and collaboration platform for spatial data and services. It is a space where the concepts that transform the way we live are placed within accurate digital representations of the real world.

Scan as you go – Handheld Imaging Laser Scanning

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Real time in-picture 3D Measurement

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