Enterprise Solutions for Buildings – Each building is unique, managing the building performance over the course of its entire life cycle from successful design through construction, to efficient operation and maintenance, and strategic property portfolio management requires to maintain a constant flow of real-time data among the stakeholders. Monitoring and understanding how well buildings carry out their functions in categories such as quality, resources, capacity and cost savings, requires the protection of all relevant building information.

With our proven global ecosystem, we are supporting the building industry in collecting and connecting the relevant dots to gain valuable insights and actionable information throughout the life cycle over the whole building portfolio.

In the ever-changing environment, a solid foundation of geospatial building information (floorplans, 3D models, or digital twins) is making it possible to manage the core functions purposefully. Our solutions connect seamlessly into all relevant information systems, such as CAD, BIM, IWMS, BAM/BMS, and facilitate the operations of properties you own, manage, or occupy.

Providing Construction Insight

Construction Insight from Hexagon’s PPM division combines model, schedule and progress data to deliver unprecedented insight into project performance. With a zero IT footprint, this cloud-based platform offers real-time, unprecedented insight into construction progress. Address Pre-Construction Planning, Construction Execution, and Project Performance Monitoring for unprecedented access to planned vs. actual project information.

Digital Reality – Visualization & Collaboration

HxDR is a cloud-based visualization and collaboration platform for spatial data and services. It is a space where the concepts that transform the way we live are placed within accurate digital representations of the real world.

Stay Safe, Work Remotely and Remain on Schedule

Providing the actionable insights, you need to manage your projects remotely, reduce risks and liabilities, and minimize rework are of key importance in today’s dynamic construction environment. Our construction and building documentation services bring remote jobsite management to reality and support overcoming the challenges of cumbersome and delayed documentation. We capture your progress and your reality in 2D or 3D and provide the integration in your management systems, whether you are interested in the construction progress or reliable building information. Don’t struggle with outdated drawings, manual or missing documentation, use our cloud-based services to get accurate and current information as needed. Make you project progress transparent.

Digitizing Buildings – Scan to CAFM & IWMS

Whether it is a plant room in a complex shopping mall, as presented in the video in Lima, Peru, an airport, a convention center, a financial institution or any other complex building, digitizing your buildings and managing your building portfolio digitally in your CAFM/IWMS software has a significant leverage on space optimization and cost savings. Creating digital twins requires reality capture solutions, which generate not only static models or simple visualizations but “digital realities”. With our solutions, you can capture the reality based on your current and future requirements, as digitalization has a tremendous effect on your business. Our experts understand your needs and provide the necessary services allowing you to work with your own digital reality.

Maximize Projects Performance

The scale and complexity of today's projects and portfolios has made it difficult to achieve high levels of performance. The difference between how engineering and construction projects are expected to perform and how they actually perform is often significant. This leads to a lack of management confidence in project teams. The EcoSys™ Enterprise Project Performance platform by Hexagon’s PPM division is the only software in the industry that combines portfolio management with project management and controls processes into a single, flexible solution. There's one database, one login and many tailored user experiences based on organization type, project size and complexity. Align strategic planning and organizational goals with excellence in project execution. EcoSys can usher in a new era of efficiency, predictability and control across your enterprise.

Sustainable Architecture Supported by Geospatial Information

Sustainability in construction seeks to minimize negative environmental impacts of buildings. Reducing waste, efficiently using materials and energy and developing spaces that increase the human experience requires solutions that meet high standards of sustainability and profitability. Regardless if you are optimizing the energy-consumption or space and noise levels you need reliable geospatial information as a foundation to simulate and benchmark different scenarios, take fact-based decisions and monitor the performance during the daily operations.

Technical Real Estate Due Diligence Supporting Geospatial Information

Space, layout, as-built drawings and other geospatial information are basic data and documents in the technical part of any real estate due diligence, but often they are outdated or incomplete. With our geospatial solutions and award-winning reality capture solutions, we provide accurate and up to date details of existing buildings, and in addition to visual documentation, we create records of as-built conditions that can be used by sellers or buyers. Talk to our experts and make digital reality information part of your virtual data room.