Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering activities and decisions can make or break your upcoming construction project and determine a significant part of the total cost of ownership during the entire building life cycle. Pre-construction deliverables strongly influence the future success in terms of costs, time, and scope of the downstream construction activities.

Our sensing and software solutions don’t only meet your needs in the design and engineering phase but also increase productivity throughout the construction and renovation activities. Trusting our geospatial and reality capture workflows, which connect to all leading CAD / BIM and construction management software suites, leads to full transparency and a higher productivity without compromising quality and safety.

Our experts support you both in the office and in the field. We have vast experience with complex and dynamic design projects.

More Efficiency Through Digitalization

With a focus on bringing more efficiency through digitalization to the building construction industry, Autodesk and Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, collaborate on various projects to integrate technologies. In the recently announced collaboration, users are experiencing quicker and more productive time by connecting layout tools and total stations directly to the BIM 360 Layout app, now also available in Android, for immediate use on the site.

The Leica Geosystems total stations and layout tools have long been found throughout construction sites for their well-known survey-grade accuracy and reliability. Integrated into the BIM 360 Layout App, Autodesk’s unified construction platform for collaborative design, planning and management, the collaboration brings a new era of efficiency to the industry.

Field to CAD & BIM

Starting with insufficient documentation on a renovation or retrofit project can lead to invisible constructability issues, which lead to change orders, rework, and schedule delays. Whether you want to capture the surrounding buildings for a new design project or plan to renovate an existing building, capturing the as-is environment before construction starts helps to accurately visualize existing conditions and make informed decisions in the design phase.

We provide best-in-class software and sensor solutions to capture existing conditions and verify the as-built with the required accuracy and efficiency. Whatever CAD or BIM software you are using, our workflows are integrated allowing you to stay in your daily working environment.

CAD & BIM-to-Field

Using the right digital solutions to transfer the design data from the office to the field accurately and in real-time reduces rework, waste, and delays on construction sites. Office-Field integration with software and sensor solutions not only reduce the efforts for point layout creation in the office but also boost productivity and quality in the field with a constant feedback loop. The construction-centric BIM-to-Field workflows supported by iCON solutions ensure connectivity with all leading CAD and BIM software and all industry-standard file format.

Reality Capture – Scan-to-BIM

Planning and designing a renovation of an existing building requires an accurate CAD or BIM model of the existing conditions. Many buildings may not have a precise CAD model or only have an incomplete CAD model. Creating accurate models of existing buildings can be done easily using our reality capture sensing and software solutions. Our scan-to-BIM workflow is seamlessly integrated with all leading CAD and BIM software.

Digital Reality – Visualize Models in Context

HxDR is a cloud-based visualization and collaboration platform for spatial data and services. Access precise real-world spatial data for project design and to show your clients immersive 3D visualizations that can help drive decision-making. Users can simply upload CAD or object models and place them in real-world locations for visual context.

Scan as you go – Handheld Imaging Laser Scanning

Recognized by industry and trusted by professionals since 2019

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Democratizing technology – Smallest and lightest imaging laser scanner

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Real time in-picture 3D Measurement

Recognized by industry and trusted by professionals since 2018
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Modern 2D/3D CAD & BIM

BricsCAD® represents the future of computer-aided design tools. It’s the all-in-one solution for 2D, 3D, mechanical design and BIM. Based on DWG, BricsCAD brings a modern yet familiar approach to design on Windows, macOS and Linux-based operating systems. Bricsys, part of Hexagon, is a global provider of the BricsCAD brand of engineering design software. Bricsys is relentlessly committed to the success of customers, offering its software at a compelling price, with industry-leading product support.

Create and Dimension Sketches and Pictures

Create easily scaled sketches, dimension objects in a photo, and check drawings with the app on any smartphone or tablet. The plans generated in the field can be exchanged directly to the office. The Leica Disto measurement devices used together with the Leica Plan app assists with the documentation and visualization of measurements, and the next steps of a project are efficiently planned by getting accurate CAD-ready plans in a simplified workflow.

Quality Geospatial Imagery at the Highest Positional Accuracy

Get quick and easy access to imagery of your area of interest (AOI) via the HxGN Content Program, the delivery platform for geospatial data. All imagery is orthorectified and quality assured by experienced professionals according to set industry standards. The data is refreshed based on a planned cycle with the latest sensor technology on the market. This data set is a cost-effective alternative to custom acquisition projects and offers licensing rights to create derivate products and analytics. The content program is a high-quality imagery service for professionals across the united states and Europe.